Mapping the Microcosm

A long-term ecological documentary initiative


"Mapping the Microcosm" is a long-term documentary project I've started for the purpose of digitizing small ecological niches using photography. These multi-gigapixel scenes (1,000+ megapixels) are what I like to call "GigaBiomes", and they illuminate biotic and abiotic elements on a scale that shows both macroscopic and near-microscopic detail. By mapping the biodiversity of Iceland's lichens in this unique way, people will hopefully foster a deeper appreciation for the complexity of these small and beautiful lifeforms.


To view the "GigaBiomes" below, click on the full-screen icon in the left pane (bottom left button), then use the scroll-wheel (or double-click) to explore different areas of the image. The first GigaBiome below has been my most successful so far. It is made up of over 500 depth-stacked images, tiled into a stitched array.