NANPA 2015 Showcase Semifinalist Images!

The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) holds a yearly showcase competition, where nature photographers from across the nation can enter their best work in various categories to be featured in the "top 250" for the year.

Although I didn't make it into the top 250 finalists, I'm honored to made it as far as being a semifinalist. I was told that the judging panel was very pleased with my images, and that i was very close to being in the top 250 for the nation.

Trombidiidae – King of the Bryophytes // NANPA '15 Showcase Semifinalist

Sun-kissed Bryophytes // NANPA '15 Showcase Semifinalist

I want to congratulate the artists who's hard work made it in the top 250 this year, and thank the panel for their kind words and encouragement to continue producing top-notch work!

I'm looking forward to (hopefully) attending the '15 NANPA Summit next February, and apply for the college scholarship soon!