Portfolio Reviews

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Portfolio Reviews

from 50.00

I’m pleased to offer virtual portfolio reviews to provide honest, constructive feedback on your photographic work, methods, & mindset. Packages are available in the following formats:

  • 8 images. 20min session. ($50)

  • 16 images. 40min session. ($100)

  • 32 images. 1hr session. ($150)

  • 50 images. 1.5hr session. ($200)

Please read below for further details.

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What you get

  • Assessment — I’ll review your work as one collective set, and piece by piece.

  • Strengthening — Honest, constructive feedback about your work in a virtual meeting.

  • Whether it’s an ongoing series you’ve been working on, or the start of a new project, I’ll talk you through the strong & weak points in your work so you can grow.

How to sign up

  1. Pick your review (they’re priced based on the number of images I’ll review, & the length of our session).

  2. Purchase your review session using the store checkout.

  3. I’ll reach out & we’ll schedule our session!